I specialize, but don't limit myself, to .NET (both client and server, desktop and web) and modern web technologies (HTML, javascript and css).

More important than specific technologies (at least it should be), is my approach to and philosophy on programming.

I firmly believe in the Agile Manifesto, TDD, writing automated tests (and automating tedious tasks in general), clean, clear and separated code, and providing the end user with a good experience.

This last point is what makes software development rewarding: having a user that uses your product and actually likes it.

You can also have a look at my LinkedIn profile for more detailed information on my experience.

General software development

Alone, as part of a team, or guiding a team, I have extensive experience in writing software and building a working product.

Legacy software

I can find enjoyment in turning a legacy project around to a more modern approach. This is not the same as maintenance or just adding new features to old code. The goal here is to modernize the existing code, be it by using a new technology stack or by refactoring the existing code.

Code Review

Often, there can be a discrepancy between what the developers tell management, and what management perceives to be true about the codebase of the product. If (some of) the developers are telling us the code is unmanageable, tightly coupled, untestable, slowing down new features,... then what does that really mean? Do they just want to use a new framework? The product runs just fine, no? And what about the other developers telling us it's all fine?

An independent code review from an outsider can help here. No politics, no personal attacks, just an objective look at the code and how it holds up to modern standards.

A decent code review for a regular codebase can be done in one day.