Here is a short list of products I've made and projects I've worked on. For a more complete overview, take a look at my LinkedIn profile or GitHub account.


A Wordpress site for emotional development in organisations, of which I made the theme, based off an existing theme.


A small, responsive webpage with parallax scrolling to introduce kids and teenagers to Ultimate Frisbee and the Ghent team.


Arcelor-Mittal Ghent

My first project here was to rewrite the automation of two blast furnaces in .NET (with a WPF client). Previously, it was written in Fortran. I led a team of 3 (myself included) and we successfully put the application in production, without major glitches.

I also helped out with a stock-keeping project.


A simple Windows Phone app to easily see what fruits and vegetables are seasonal in which month.



A Windows Phone camera app to take "pixelated" images, like in retro 8bit graphics. It doesn't use filters after taking your picture (although this is possible). It shows the pixelated picture through the viewfinder, while you are pointing your phone at what you want to take a photo of.


A simple, informative website for a speech therapist/remedial teacher, with attention to SEO.